Tese apresentada para obtenção do grau de PhD no Department of Museum Studies da Universidade de Leicester - UK - 2002
Thesis submitted for the degree of PhD at the Department of Museum Studies - University of Leicester - UK - 2002

Museums and Temporary Exhibitions as means of propaganda:
the Portuguese case during the Estado Novo

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Cover page
Prelims - Table of Contents; Abbreviations; List of Figures
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Museums and the making of History
Chapter 3 - State, nationalism and historiography
Fig. 2 - Portugal dos Pequenitos
Chapter 4 - Portuguese Museums under the Estado Novo - National Museums
Chapter 5 - Portuguese Museums under the Estado Novo - Regional Museums
Chapter 6 - Portuguese Museums under the Estado Novo - Specialised Museums
Chapter 7 - Temporary Exhibitions as media of political and ideological propaganda
Chapter 8 - Conclusions
Sources and Bibliography

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